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Living Sound

Healing: The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. 

New Event! 

Becoming Sound: The Human Voice for Healing

Saturday June 29th 7-9PM

Prakasa Yoga & Wellness

152 Ball Rd Goshen, MA 01032

    Sound is very much like a living thing. With our own vocal chords and a little air we give birth to sounds. These sounds form language and in turn the words form conceptual reality. 


    The human voice has been used for thousands of years and beyond to tune our human life with our natural surroundings. In modern times we have lost sight of the natural power inherent in the human voice. Science has shown us how Physics views the vibrational impact of sound on matter. We know that sound can shatter the hardest substances like stone and glass when used in the form of frequency. The organs and bones, the blood and muscle all have their own resonance and when we deepen our listening - subtleties of the inner & outer universe can be known by working with sound. The cosmos is potentially revealed in the sounds of our own voices. When working with vocal sounds that have no concepts attached to them we can begin to circumvent the mind and it's self centered qualities, very much like the function of Mantra. When we listen to our own "Living Sound" we create a circuit that can bring about the qualities of great clarity that are pathways to Buddha Awareness or Nirvana.


    Not only are we tuning our own energetic system when we gather to create vocal sounds consciously, but we are re-tuning in community and with nature when we use our voices as they are meant to be used. We utilize Group Toning, Harmonic Overtone Chanting, Sacred Mantra, and various song structures to create a self & group tuning phenomenon.

    Living Sound is an offering and exploration of the human voice in community that focuses on shifting our awareness and learning that we are ultimately resonant creatures - born to be sonorous as often as we can.


    Please contact Rowan to learn more about the healing qualities of sound used in a one on one session or for group healing.