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Living Sound Healing Arts

"My Experience in the Healing Arts stems from my own personal journey." 

Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health. It is based on the principle that many diseases are caused by physical blockages that interrupt the body's natural flow of “chi”, the subtle bio - electricity we want to maintain the health of every cell and organ in our body. Tong Ren seeks to release these blockages, restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating or otherwise untreatable. Combining Western medical science with ancient Eastern insights into life force or chi energy, Tong Ren employs the human body’s natural tendency toward harmony with its original healthy universal synchronistic energy patterns.

Rowan has been a vocalist since he was old enough to sing. It was very natural to find sound was a vehicle for transformation & healing. Over the years working with the voice as a powerful tool for becoming sound again, he has facilitated classes & workshops supporting healing for others. The sessions explore vibrational aspects of the human voice with harmonic overtones, singing together, learning mantra, and re -tuning to our natural condition of health & community. No singing experience is necessary to join the workshops and no skills are needed with singing for personal healing & exploration. 

"The Knowing Field is the basis of Bert Hellinger's work. Anyone fortunate enough to experience a Family Constellation, as a representative, or the actual seeker, knows this astonishing phenomenon." Hellinger's Family Constellations Revealed by Indra Torsten Preiss.. 

Facilitating classes, groups, and workshops in this work currently. The next event is May 12th at the Upstairs Studio. 

Explorations in Family Constellation Work

Intuitive sessions are a mixture of modalities that Rowan has developed on his own as for offering spiritual guidance, health assessment, and intuitive energy work. Please ask Rowan in for a consultation or contact him directly to find out more about this type of personalized offering.